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J.T.M. Getaways is the perfect solution for every property owner who's looking for a smart way to make passive income. Our platform guarantees on-time rent and peace of mind by taking out the complexities of property management, so that owners can simply sit back and receive their rental income. At J.T.M. Getaways, we give owners their time back. We'll be the best tenant you've ever have!

  • Professional cleaning between each stay - our business relies on your property being in pristine condition! We have a vested interest in making sure your property is well taken care of and have a team of housecleaners we trust.

  • Strict tenant screening - we have a rigorous process in place to ensure that all guests meet our standards. We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment and therefore do not accept all booking requests. All tenants must go through our screening process and meet our requirements in order to be approved. We strictly enforce all house rules and will promptly evict any guest that does not abide by them.

  • We offer property improvements at no cost to you - Once we acquire your property we evaluate what needs to be upgraded. This may include: maintenance items, fresh paint, interior design, security systems, Ring doorbell, and keyless entry - all of which must be approved by you before we begin. We are committed to making sure that your property is both aesthetically pleasing and secure! 

  • Noise monitoring system - Excessive noise is a leading indicator of property misuse. We use NoiseAware's privacy service in each unit and it alerts us within minutes of sustained noise levels, not instantaneous noises like doors slamming. Guests will promptly be evicted if there are signs of a party.

  • We handle scheduling all maintenance and repairs - we own a local construction company and give our owners access to our vast network of service providers at our lower costs. We will present all quotes to you, manage the repairs, and give you receipts upon completion. 


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Renter's Insurance

We have a renter's policy on each property we acquire. Coverage includes:

  • Theft

  • Fire and smoke

  • Vandalism

  • Water damage from plumbing, furnace/AC or water heater


AirCover for Hosts

All of our short term rentals are booked through AIRBNB - we are provided $1M in coverage in the rare event a guest gets hurt or their belongings are damaged or stolen.


Proper Insurance

First, Proper policy adds the landlord as additionally insured (AI) onto the $1,000,000 of business liability. Second, property damage from a short-term rental guest is covered under Proper’s policy. This coverage not only applies to personal property or contents but is extended to the actual building or structure as well. 

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